Baden is a small town in Austria, to be exact southwest of Vienna and famous for beautiful parks, wine tasting and thermal spas and the largest casino in Europe.

The Grand Casino Baden was opened on 12 April 1934 in the Kurhaus and was at the time the world’s first casino that operated all year round. The casino was closed during the Second World War and moved to the Kongresshaus in 1968. Since this move already 12 million people visited the Casino Baden.

Between the years 1977 and 1995 the congress house was rebuilt and extended several times, in order to be reopened finally as Europe’s largest Casino with meeting and congress center. The operators call the gaming house “probably the most beautiful casino in Europe” and one cannot blame them for it. The huge building with the ornamental pond and fountain in front of it looks almost majestic. It does not come thus from by chance, which rank rank high and nameful personalities among the guests of the casino bathing.

The Casino

Incredible 23 million times rolled here so far the Roulette ball, 20 million times Poker and Black Jack maps were distributed. Also the balance of the distributed profits lets each gambling fan listen up: 275 million euro could take lucky winners of a attendance in the Grand Casino bathing also home with. Do & CO offer three differently Designte restaurants of the top class and if desired one can take the exquisite Dinner also on the Casinoterrasse. There are also three other restaurants, a bistro and a lounge. In the latter, in contrast to the very elegant restaurants, the atmosphere is rather relaxed. Also in the adjacent hotels, one can enjoy an excellent meal.

Casino visit

The renowned Casino Baden is only a few kilometres away from Vienna. Casino Austria advertises the Casino Baden “as probably the most beautiful Casino in Europe”.

I can only agree with that when it comes to the architecture of the renovated Congress House. In many other publications the Casino Baden is also called “the largest casino in Europe”, I disagree. I don’t know which criteria this superlative of size dimensioning was derived from, but it is definitely not correct… If you refer to the pure room size (even with all outbuildings), the casino in Estoril (a suburb of Lisbon/Portugal) clearly deserves this honor.

And if you only count the number of tables, then the Grand Casino Baden, which invites on 7 American Roulette tables, 1 French Roulette table, 1 Easy Roulette 18 terminals, 1 Multiroulette 8 terminals, 7 Black Jack tables, 1 Tropical Stud Poker table, 1 Easy Hold’em table, 5 Texas Hold’em tables and 1 Sic Bo to the classic game, especially not to compare with the Greek casinos, is the Grand Casino Baden. For example, the Regency Casino in Thessaloniki /Greece has 40 American Roulette tables in addition to the usual poker, blackjack tables, etc. alone. During the week a successful tactic with my roulette strategy in the Casino Baden is quite possible.

Not so on Fridays and Saturdays. There the Casino Baden mutates to a party location, where styled Viennese and suburban people move to loud disco music between the tables with cocktails  and dance on the terrace. An atmosphere charged with noise and eroticism that hardly allows the croupiers to devote themselves to any complex influences in the game. On the contrary, some, dressed only with a hint of transparent nothing, Beauty distracts their eyes to such an extent that they are just able to assign the bets correctly.

On these weekends I can only join one, certainly true, approach to the roulette game: “Never regard roulette as a way to fast wealth, but as pure entertainment. The casino has an advantage, which is why you are most likely to lose your money. (a quote from a comment by Hans)

From the party room into the living room! My next stop (Graz), on the other hand, offered an almost homely character. Right in the centre of the Styrian capital is the Casino Graz in the historic congress building. It conveys a special flair through a really successful architectural combination of late classicist elements and modern design. Cosiness! Above all, the integrated piano bar makes you think of a pleasant evening with friends at home, but not of a highly concentrated game, in which very high sums are also risked.

Nett, I can’t describe it any other way, even that the casino invited me directly to a drink to greet you. I only play if all conditions are optimal, otherwise I dissociate myself from any temptation. In this friendly and dignified atmosphere it was simply not possible for me to build up the necessary concentration for my game. Therefore, if you simply want to spend a nice evening with some roulette, then visit the Casino Graz.

I, on the other hand, will never play there, but at most present a book by Casineum, which was affiliated and opened in 1997. Throughout the year there are theatre performances, concerts, dinners, vernissages, literature evenings, book presentations and fashion shows. Naturally, as it is appropriate for the Casino Graz aligned to well-being feeling, it is possible the Casineum over the Casino to enter, but, in order not to disturb the normal play enterprise, it was accommodated in a separate range.

The plays

The Casino offers nowadays nine tables for American Roulette, seven for Black Jack and a multiplicity at Pokertischen. Casino Baden was, by the way, the first casino in Europe to add poker to its table games in 1988. DesWeiteren there are in the Casino bathing regularly special Promoaktionen, like for example the Ladies Night each Wednesday. The price for this Event is nothing smaller than a diamond.


Grand Casino bathing
Kaiser Franz ring 1
2500 bathing
Tel 43/2252/444 96
Opening times of the casino: daily from 15:00 to 03:00.

The Casino Innsbruck

The beautiful Innsbruck is located in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps and is the capital of Tyrol. You can always see the impressive peaks and slopes of the Karwendelgebirge and the alpine central chain. This location makes it a popular winter sports area. The lively town is worth a visit, but also the rest of the year. Not only those who are just passing through Italy along the Brenner should take a break in Innsbruck.

Was it not in one of the many venerable Innsbruck buildings accommodated and yet the Casino Innsbruck radiates its very own charm. The latest of the twelve Austrian casinos is a modern work of art. The architecture fits perfectly into the traditional cityscape, the large glass façade reflects the northern chain of the Innsbruck mountains. The casino thus combines nature, tradition, modernity and elegant play.
The casino itself uses only the finest building materials, which in themselves are reminiscent of the mountainous surroundings: Natural building materials such as granite, brass, glass and wood are impressively accentuated in combination with lighting effects.

Games in the Casino Innsbruck

In Innsbruck you will find everything a player’s heart desires in casino games. The Casino Classic features American Roulette tables, a French Roulette table, four Black Jack  tables, two Easy Hold’em tables, two Caribbean Stud Poker tables, a Punto Banco table and six Poker tables. Here, high-caliber poker tournaments take place on a regular basis. The Jackpot Casino houses 88 slot machines, a roulette machine and a Black Jack table. Of course, the Casino Innsbruck also attaches great importance to the wardrobe. The ladies are free to choose their outfit, but it should be elegant. The men should always wear a jacket. In the Jackpot Casino the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed, here it may also be a bit (!) casual clothing.

Casino Features

If you are on a 13th near Innsbruck, you should definitely visit the casino, as the 13th could be your lucky day. You can win a 13th salary of 1,300 euros and a bottle of champagne. Wednesday is ladies’ day at the Casino Innsbruck. For the greeting there is a Welcome Drink and on three lucky Tagessiegerinnen valuable prices and additional profits wait.

Who stands for luxuriösen benefit, is in the best way served with the Gourmet package Dinner & Casino . Here there is for 57 euro a tingling glass sparkling wine, an exclusive 4-course Gala menu, 25 euro play capital and 4 Parolijetons with the chance on 7.777 euro in gold.

Address and contact

Casino Innsbruck
Salurner road 15
6020 Innsbruck
telephone 43 – 512 – 58 70 40-0

opening times: daily starting from 15 o’clock (Jackpot Casino starting from 11.00 o’clock), on 24 December closed.