You have already waited for a new slot machine from Play’n GO? After Hugo hit like a bomb, Super Flip has to stand up to very high expectations. Will Play’n GO be able to develop an excellent slot again, or is Super Flip more of a standard slot?

Let’s say it this way: Super Flip certainly doesn’t tear up any trees in the field of innovations. What distinguishes the slot is its focus on the relevant, i.e. a balanced gaming experience with lots of fun and excitement. In addition, Play’n GO has put a lot of emphasis on something that many developers haven’t paid much attention to lately. But more about that right now.

In this slot machine test you’ll find out if Super Flip is something for you and what ways there are to hit the jackpot. Lets go? Go!

Technical Features

For classic slot machines like Super Flip, music is important. We say that again and again, but most of the time this aspect is neglected in the considerations of the developers. Tell us, what music do you associate with fruit vending machines? Of course, they are jazz variations. And do you guess which music comes out of the boxes with Super Flip? Jazz at its finest!

But apart from the music, a slot machine must also have other characteristics, checklists fill our editorial office with checkmarks. So let’s start right away!

5 reels? Check! 15 symbols? Check! 20 paylines? Check!

After we’ve gotten rid of this, we’re going for the candy. What’s the graphic like? Well, it’s ok. But the main thing is the feeling transferred when playing the slot and this is very authentic. You get the feeling that Play’n GO has taken a step back in Super Flip in terms of graphics. The buttons are a bit pixelated and the icons aren’t as well animated as you know from the developers.

If that bothers you, Super Flip isn’t for you. If you don’t pay attention to that anyway, Super Flip could be one of your new favorite machines. The gambling world has its slot machines for every type of player, and that’s a good thing!

Since Super Flip was developed by Play’n GO, the game is designed to be played on a smartphone. Play’n GO means: play and go, just like a coffee 2go is a coffee on the go, Super Flip is a slot machine on the go. But before you think you can’t play the slot at home on your PC, let’s reassure you. This is also possible!

bonuses and winnings

We expect nothing less from Super Flip than Super winnings! If Play’n GO can meet these expectations, or if this slot machine is a “flashlight in the eye” dazzle?

Uh, that’s cool. Not 5, not 10, but 15 free spins for the triple scatter. Super Flip, Super Flip, Super Flip, that’s the combination you should look for in this slot. But Triple Flip doesn’t just offer free spins, it also offers additional payouts. If you raise the scatter count to 5, in addition to the 15 free spins, you win 250 coins, which are then multiplied by the number of coins played per row. It’s ingenious tricks that we really liked in this test.

A very nice extra from Super Flip: If the same symbols appear on the first two reels, but the player was not awarded a prize, the third reel is turned again. Thus the player gets a second chance in the game. Very human from Play’n GO and Super Flip!

The rest of the machine is relatively normal. You only win from left to right, multiple wins in a round through multiple winning combinations are possible, and the Wild symbol ensures that rounds that you thought you had lost are turned into positives.

As usual with Play’n GO, you can double or quadruple wins at any time. We love this option because it gives players another way to influence the game. This Gamble function opens up another dimension of gameplay depth, which you often have to do without in other games.

Super Flip is therefore a slot for all those who like the more classic feel of the game. Sure, the slot machine has its limitations, but does everything right within these limits!