300 Spartans against an excess of Persians, armed only with shield and spears. Wait, did we just say 300 Spartans? But of course, because NextGen Gaming just took the movie “300” and turned it into a slot machine: 300 Shields. Basically, the iGaming company didn’t just shoot a film, but a historical event, namely the Battle of Thermopylae, which probably took place around 11 August 480 B.C. and is part of the famous Persian Wars in ancient Greece. “300” took up this event and turned it into a bloody comic-like film in which Gerald Butler storms across the battlefields like a berserk, followed by his brave men. The movie was and is incredibly popular and NextGen Gaming has recognized the trend correctly. This is Sparta!

Technical Features

The 300 Shields slot machine from NextGen Gaming has five reels and 25 paylines. It tells the story of King Leonidas and his brave soldiers who have to face an oversized army of Persians to save Greece and Sparta from extinction. Thus we see in the background of the rollers green meadows and hills and cornfields, which stand before the gates of Sparta, beside a temple on a hill. The symbols on the reels are a deck of cards with arrows, a soldier with a golden helmet, a shooter, a shield, a bloody sword, a ship and arrows. The paylines are drawn next to the reels, with Greek-looking numbers. Even if the graphics are not bad, this is one of our points of criticism. The slot machine has microscopically small numbers, buttons and labels, all in pseudo-Greek. After a while it hurts your eyes a lot, ouch! We actually wanted to play longer than ten minutes. The bet starts at 0,01€ and goes up to 0,50€. The symbols are animated and play short scenes as soon as a winning combination occurs. Players who are not fit enough for battle and Agoge can press Autoplay. Then the reels spin up to 100 times by themselves.

The music is quite impressive and Hollywood-ready. You want to grab the sword immediately and also pull into the fight! Enough babbling, we look at the hard facts that 300 Shields can come up with.

bonuses and winnings

The wild symbol is the soldier with the golden helmet. If you land a hit with him, the symbol is animated. He can replace all other symbols except the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is the shield with the A for Agoge. Agoge stands for the special training of the Spartans, which includes hard combat training. If you get three or more shields, it activates the Battle Feature, which gives free spins. During the free spins the multiplier can also appear, which can be x300! This happens when you collect shields during free spins. These free spins release more free spins and higher multipliers. The Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol are the most highly rated symbols, followed by the shooter and the ship, the weapons and finally the deck of cards.

We have tried the slot machine and are quite happy with the result. We really can’t complain about the winnings. We stick to the fact that NextGen Gaming could have designed the graphics a bit better.