Gulliver’s Travels is a video slot machine developed in collaboration between Chartwell and Amaya Gaming. All of you who have already read Gulliver’s Reisen, the 1721 satirical pamphlet by Jonathan Swift, certainly have high expectations of this game. You must know that the travels of Lemeule Gulliver, a naval doctor stranded on an island and making numerous amazing and crazy discoveries, were told in a book that marked the beginnings of British Enlightenment long before Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allan Poe. Even though Gulliver’s travels remain relatively faithful to the original narrative and juxtapose the protagonist with the famous Lilliputans, Chartwell’s slot machine lacks substance and depth. And even though it offers a generous jackpot, it still doesn’t get a good rating overall.

Come with us into the realm of the Lilliputians!

Gulliver’s Travels is a failed homage to Jonathan Swift and his world-famous novel. From a graphical point of view, this project is very successful: of course, Gulliver’s Travels is reminiscent of the slot machines developed by Playtech, but the rotation system of the rollers is still efficient. The symbols are attractive and you can see that the graphic artists at Chartwell have talent. However, there are not many of them and we don’t understand why the manufacturers are struggling to integrate poker symbols that have nothing to do with the theme. The eternal and recurring 10, J, Q, K and A are of course present and spoil the fun of gameplay. Another disadvantage: the background is certainly nice, but doesn’t invite you to travel. As we know, Gulliver didn’t spend his whole life in his hometown of Bristol. The only consolation: the Lilliputans are guaranteed to make you laugh.

Gulliver’s Travels convinces us especially from a budget point of view. Chartwell offers at this slot machine numerous adjustable bets, whereby he finally becomes very profitable. The minimum stake per payment line is only 2 cents. If you want to bring luck to your side, you can even place the maximum bet of 200€ – yes, that will be expensive, except for High Roller.

Bonuses and winnings

With regard to bonuses you can not complain. A Mega Spins wild symbol can appear on reels 1 and 5 and trigger the corresponding function: as soon as the Mega Spins mode is unblocked, new payment lines appear. So you can find up to 243 payment lines on Gulliver’s Travels! It may be the best way to make a profit! In addition to the scatter symbol, users can benefit from free rounds and multipliers. You’ll love the Flip Out option, which randomly converts winning combinations to further increase the player’s winnings! After all, Gulliver’s Travels could have been an honorable game without a dubious artistic direction. Maybe Chartwell and Amaya will do a better job next time!