No, we don’t mean the famous band of the 70s, produced by Ralph Siegel. We mean Genghis Khan the great lord of the steppe. Endorphina, also famous for shaky ass and vaporizing, have developed the slot machine “Mongol Treasures”. It is about the probably most famous Mongol of all times, who is admired to this day in the yurts of the steppe for his courage and his fighting spirit. Genghis Khan lived in the 12th century and after many internal battles he managed to be crowned king and to unite all Mongolian tribes. He developed his own script so that all could communicate with each other in the kingdom and drafted binding laws for all subjects. That is why he is still considered one of the best Mongolian kings ever. His circumstances of death are still controversial today. Sometimes he is said to have died in a riding accident, sometimes he was killed by enemies. The most persistent legend is that a princess he made his wife wanted to take revenge for her killed family. And so she emasculated him on the wedding night.

Technical Features

The Mongol Treasures slot machine from Endorphina has five reels and ten paylines. The slot machine is one of the older slot machines from Endorphina (founded in 2010) and you can see that. The graphics look a bit wooden and immature. The theme, however, is already unusual and exactly in the Endorphina style. The company from Prague likes to talk about itself with more unusual slot machines. In the background of Mongol Treasures we see the barren Mongolian steppe, with herds of horses and a yurt. Behind them are endless mountain ranges and the sky. The symbols on the reels correspond to the theme: a Mongolian woman in traditional dress, a deck of cards, a brown horse, a white, richly decorated horse, a black horse and a Mongolian. The music in the background is traditional Mongolian music and very soothing. Be sure to leave it on! The player can choose on how many pay lines he wants to play, from 1 to 10 everything is possible. Tired warriors can click on the autoplay button, then the reels spin by themselves. The buttons in the game are, as always with Endorphina, very technical and not very innovative. That’s not a minus point, but other game developers are thinking up more.

bonuses and winnings

The bonuses and winnings in Mongol Treasure tell you if the game is really worth it. The symbol with the highest rating is the Mongolian man, then the white horse, and the other symbols are descending. The scatter symbol here is the Mongolian in her wonderful costume, three or more of her on the reels triggering 10 free spins and a special expanding symbol. The scatter symbol can replace all other symbols. The Expanding symbol is a kind of knot on a wooden ground. During free spins and payouts, the symbol can emerge and spread across three positions on the reels. Also during this feature free spins can be won.

If you win in Mongol Treasures, you can decide whether you want to take the prize or risk something. That’s why there is the risk game. It gives the player the chance to double his winnings. The backs of playing cards are presented and the player must bet on the one that seems highest to him. If he is right, he doubles his winnings. If he is wrong, he loses everything. Who is as courageous as Genghis Khan and bets everything?

Interesting risk game and good chances of winning, we were very satisfied with Mongol Treasures from Endorphina and could achieve good results in the test. We definitely recommend players to try the slot machine.