Welcome to our online casino guides overview. Here all interested online players, whether beginner or advanced, will find comprehensive guides to online casino games, betting systems, use and operation as well as other important information about gambling.

The online world is so diverse that it can sometimes be quite confusing. We help you to orientate yourself and find your way more easily. Whether you’re a beginner or an old hand, whether you want to know how and where to register for the first time at an online casino, what the difference is between progressive jackpots and normal slots or what the “pass” line at Craps means, we have answers for every level of information.

Would you like to know how to use a betting system in roulette in practice or didn’t you even know that such betting systems exist? In both cases our “Betting Systems” section will help you.

Do you want to improve your game or calculate bonuses or progressive jackpots? Go to our “Tools” section and you will find what you are looking for.

Our guides are divided into different sections. This way you can easily find information on the topics that interest you most at the moment. Nevertheless, you should take the time, sooner or later, to work your way through all the guides. Knowledge is power, and more knowledge is more power.

Under you’ll find all categories at a glance:

Helpful things for the online casino

In the category “helpful things”, especially beginners will find all the useful tips and information they need as newcomers to Online Casinos. We explain in a short and understandable way which things you have to pay attention to before you even start playing. This includes for example the following aspects:

Tools for the Online Casino

In the category “Tools” we present some useful tools that can also be useful for advanced players. For example, would you like to know how high a bonus is if the wagering conditions are cracked – and what you need to fulfill them at all, or which progressive jackpots are lucrative? Take a look around this category!

  • The Blackjack-Trainer is especially important for players who want to take a professional approach to online gambling. Those who want to invest time should not save on their training. We’ll show you the way with this useful tool!
  • Card counting is an old gambling tradition. We’ll explain to you how it works – and you can make a lot of money with the old trick! Contrary to popular belief, card counting is not forbidden. However, casinos don’t like it as if you have to be very skillful. In the online casino this is of course easier.

betting systems for gambling

betting systems are an old hat in the gambling business, but they require diligence, patience and practice. But much more important than the systems themselves is knowing about them, when to use them, whether they make sense at all and how best to combine them!

But what are betting systems? A betting system accompanies you in the game. With the help of certain game methods – independent of the game itself – you can then control your losses and winnings as best you can. A betting system tells you concretely when you have to bet how much money. This is especially helpful for games like Roulette Online or Slots Online, where the outcome of the game is very unpredictable.

There are many betting systems, and they all have different characteristics and can be used differently. Some of them have advantages or disadvantages over others; others are better suited for certain games than others. So that you don’t mix up too much information, we have broken down all the betting systems in detail.

  • Betting systems with negative progression: These betting systems can make a lot of money, but also hurt because they require you to double your bet if you lose money. Thus one gets in addition, faster its losses again capped, if one wins finally.
  • bet systems with positive progression: These bet systems are more pleasant to play, can however also for harsh losses provide. Here you double your bets as soon as you win. That means: who has a luck strand, that can skim correctly.

betting systems have different chances of winning and are differently complicated, although they are generally based on a relatively simple mathematical row. However, all betting systems have one thing in common: they do not give a profit guarantee.

If there was a system that guaranteed winnings, there would be no more casinos. However, it is possible to play good or bad, or at least say, clumsy and uncontrolled.

Wagering systems are designed to allow you to play a more “systematic” game so that you have better control over your bets and turnovers. They also give you a better chance of winning than random betting on numbers and rows, and you sometimes work turn-based, which means you stop playing when a round is over. Thus betting systems also prevent uncontrolled, too long games.

Faszination Online-Glückspiel

Our experts at casino games understand the fascination of online games better than anyone else. The feeling of opening up your favourite casino, playing your favourite game and then making a big profit cannot be compared to anything else.

The sound of the slot machine spitting money out, the adrenaline rush when you push a chip to red, the moment you let go of the craps dice or the split of two nines in Blackjack – these are the things they really live for.

Given that, our experts spend a lot of time in and with casinos. They’re always reading books about rules, strategies, probabilities, money management and what else they can find on the casino shelf for one reason only: to improve their chances of winning.

All this costs a lot of sweat and tears, but it’s worth it. Gambling has been played for over 4,000 years and there is a long history of gambling.

We have been able to beat the croupiers on our own field many times in both real and online casinos.  Our experts have managed to gain an advantage over casinos, and fortunately they are willing to share their knowledge with you so that you can improve your game effectively.

Read our tips and deal with all aspects of your favorite game to make the adventure online casino an exciting and successful one.