Is there a heartless soul out there who doesn’t like pandas? We don’t know anyone! Rival Gaming has chosen for this slot a plush theme, in “Panda Party” everything revolves around the black and white bamboo eaters, which mostly lie lazily under trees. Rival Gaming invites all players to a party in China, with bamboo vodka and lots of panda cuddling. The slot machine is colorful and funny, the pandas romp around on the reels and next to them and romp around. There is no progressive jackpot, but there are lots of extras that can pay off. Go to the bamboo forest, reap winnings!

Technical features

Rival Gaming definitely makes the name the program here, because the pandas are simply everywhere. Also the symbols on the five reels are pandas, smiling or gymnastic. (We’ll have to count later how many times we wrote the word “Panda” in this test…). There are also lanterns, a purple gift ball, a deck of cards, a dragon statue and a Chinese vase. In the background of the rollers there is a dense bamboo forest where the pandas live. There are 20 paylines. Courageous pandas can bet up to €0.25 per round, less courageous pandas can start playing from €0.01. The soundtrack in the background is pretty much what we would expect from a panda party in China. Something that should sound like good-humoured Asian party music. But if you don’t like them, you can also turn off the sound. The Panda Party is unfortunately an absolute house party, because at the moment you can only play the slot machine on one computer. It doesn’t work on mobile devices like a smartphone yet. But that’s not so bad, real pandas are too lazy to go out anyway. The human pandas among the players can make themselves comfortable with a cup of green tea and press Autoplay. Then it’s just wait and see and drink tea.

But the best thing is the wild symbol, which can trigger different multipliers. It depends on how advanced you are in the game, but the multiplier can be three times or even 64 times during the Pandamonium bonus round. Hammer!

bonuses and winnings

The Pandas are extremely generous at their party when it comes to awarding bonuses and winnings. One of the pandas is the scatter symbol and provides players with regular free spins. If you get three scatter symbols, you get eight free spins. Then there is the Pandamonium bonus round, where you can retrigger the free spins. During this round, the free spins symbol is replaced by the jackpot symbol. Important to know: the pandamonium round pours out multipliers, and not too tightly. With luck you can get a 64-fold multiplier!

If we haven’t been able to convince you yet, hop and malt will probably be lost. Rival Gaming has delivered a very entertaining game here, which is not stingy with bonuses and winnings and in which the free spins just tumble. Besides, you can watch the pandas faxing and lying down under a bamboo bush after their party to keep eating.