3 card poker is probably not the most popular game in online casinos, all the more so as Texas Hold’em occupies the most important place in the ranking of the most popular online poker games. However, the simple rules and the playful aspect of 3 card poker make it a very promising game and there is no question that it will gain popularity in the coming years.

3 card poker is played with a deck of 52 cards and is based on Texas Hold’em poker. It is a great advantage for the player if he knows the possible winning combinations in this variant.

The card values in 3-card poker

Card values:

The card values in 3-card poker are very similar to those in Texas Hold’em poker. In descending order, there is the Ace as the highest card, followed by King, Queen and Jack. The remaining cards retain their numeric value: the 10 is higher than the 9,8,7,6,5,4,3 and 2. Depending on the combination, the ace can be used to complete a flush or a logical sequence such as ace-2-3. The colored Flush Queen Ace is the strongest flush in the game.Drilling3 cards of the same value. The three aces triple is the strongest of the game.Sequence3 consecutive cards that do not have the same suit. The sequence Queen-King Ace is the most important of the game.Color3 cards of the same suit, but not consecutive.pair2 cards of the same value. The pair of two Aces is the strongest in the game.


>The different sections of the game:

  • The players first place an initial bet on the table.
  • The dealer deals each player three cards, one of which is face down. The same for themselves.
  • The players look at their hands.
  • The players fold, bet the same amount as in the original bet or raise the bets.
  • After making their decision, the players place their cards face down on the table.
  • The dealer compares the results. The player with the strongest hand wins!

Special Bets

In 3-Card Poker it is possible to place Special Bets. In a single initial bet, the player may receive a higher card than the dealer’s, in a “pair or higher” bet, the player bets that the player’s hand contains at least one pair. These special bets take into account the minimum and maximum limits. The payment ratios for these bets are therefore more attractive.