Swimming, also called thirty-one (31), is a popular card game. It is not only played in English-speaking countries, but is also internationally well known, especially under the name “Trente et un” from France. Knowing and understanding the rules is therefore an advantage. We show you how swimming works, where the name comes from and how to win best.

Swimming online play

We have searched our online casinos and unfortunately found none that let their players swim online. This is because the house advantage is relatively difficult to estimate and therefore appears to the online casino too much as a game of chance, than other casino games. Especially because the bank, i.e. the person who deals the cards, changes from round to round and thus cannot only be taken over by the casino, as in Blackjack by a dealer.

The card game Swimming also has different rules, depending on the region you are currently in. So it is hard for an online provider to offer a basic version, as some players might be annoyed about it.

Although swimming online is not possible, we refer our readers to our free Blackjack game, which comes very close to the card games Swimming and 17 and 4, a successor to Swimming.

Swimming Rules

As with Skat the rules of the card game Swimming are started with 32 cards. It doesn’t matter if you have a French hand or a English one as long as there are 32 cards. But if you want to stay true to the traditions, you choose a skat hand.

goal of the game

In contrast to 17 and 4 or Blackjack, where the goal is 21, you aim for the 31 in the card game swimming – which also explains the second name of the game. It’s not just about beating the dealer, it’s about beating all the other players. The good thing about swimming is that you can play with two to nine players.

How do you get 31 now? Very simple. You hold a hand with three cards in your hand and swap cards as often as necessary while the game is still running to get as close to 31 as possible.

Even if you have three high cards in your hand, that doesn’t mean you won. It must be cards of the same suit, otherwise you cannot combine them. This does not apply to combinations of three equal numbers of cards, i.e. three Jacks, three Tens or three Eights. So they don’t have to have the same suit, but simply the same number. That immediately gives 30 ½ points.

Card values

The card values in the card game Swimming:

Ass 11 points
td>King, Queen, Jack 10 points
10, 9, 8, 7 Number of eyes

The highest card is like so often the ace, while king, queen and jack have the same score. The number cards count according to their eyes, which makes the seven the lowest number.


Game play

With these four examples, the card game swimming rules should be a little more understandable. But how to get the winning hand and how to present the winning hand is shown in a game sequence.

The player who deals the cards starts the game. Each player receives three cards, except the dealer who lays two hands face down. Now he picks up the first hand, looks at it and evaluates it. If he likes it, he keeps it and the second hand is placed face up in the middle of the table. If he doesn’t like the hand, he places it face up on the table and picks up the other one.

End of play

As already sounded a player can knock during his turn to end the game within a round. But this is only one way to end the card game swimming.